Sunday, September 20, 2015

YOU are worth fighting for...

Greetings Young Ladies and God bless you!

If you have not seen the movie "War Room," it is a must see before it leaves the theaters!! Or if you do miss it, it is a movie you NEED to add to your collection. I certainly will get it!!

It is a powerful movie about the power of prayer. And not just prayer to be praying, but praying the Word of God and the power that can be demonstrated when one prayers IN FAITH - BELIEVING that God CAN DO IT!!

You may ask, why talk about prayer??? Well, I believe that is a very powerful vehicle to relay a message through, so check out this song and know that WE believe, without any doubt, that YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!!

We love you, indeed!

Staying FOCUSED!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FOCUSED, continued...

Greetings Ladies!!! For many, today was the first day of school. Welcome back! Hope it was great!

We continue our discussion this month on keeping FOCUS! We are FOCUSED Ministries, Inc. focusing our all on Christ. Yes, we are a faith-based organization but with a heart to serve, not condemn.

Want to share a video clip from one of my former students. A message, which I think, points us exactly where we should be when it comes to living this life...

Take a listen, share your thoughts, and let's get about it!!

Your purpose... (Need to fix this link but stayed tuned!)

In His love,