Saturday, August 29, 2015

What is YOUR focus?

Greetings Ladies!

A new school year has begun for many of us. Some are still enjoying the lazy days of summer - sleeping late, riding our bikes, or just hanging out around the house.

As your school year gets started, what will be YOUR focus? True, there will be many things that try to gain your focus - teachers and homework, your friends, BOYS, parents, the latest fashions...I want to encourage you to let God be your primary lens through which you focus everything else through! "Huh?? What??" you may say...Yes, focus on God! He has your best interests in mind...and when you focus on Him, He reveals those mysteries to you so that you will grow and be the Young Ladies He has called you to be...

The month of September will be a month FOCUSED on how God sees will be an exciting journey helping you to redefine, redesign, and reignite YOUR focus on the good of living. Join us on this will be grand!

Keeping GirlsFOCUSED!
In His love,